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We're Hiring!

  • Agua y Sangre Healing 6 West Arkansas Avenue Denver, CO, 80223 United States (map)

Agua y Sangre Healing is looking for a licensed massage therapist to work in our wellness studio! We are looking for a dependable, compassionate, and warm individual to help grow our healing community – and to grow with us. We offer support in our clients’ healing & wellness through massage therapy, herbal education, and wellness classes. We specialize in self care; the mind & spirit; help in managing stress, anxiety, and depression; chronic & acute pain relief; trauma + resiliency; as well as prenatal care + healthful menstruation for every person + all families.

Our healing style and values have been shaped by a background in social justice, as well as ancestral models of care that center each individual into their own wellness, asking them to take an active role in awakening their own healing abilities. We view healing as a non-linear process, and we hold space for each client where they are currently at, without judgment. Furthermore, we aim to be a safer space to communities and peoples who have felt, or feel, mistreated or patronized in health care settings. This often includes, but is not limited to, LGBTQ identified folks, people of color, women, those with less financial access, those experiencing fat-phobia/body shaming/negativity, and those who are differently abled.

Because our values are so central to our work, it is a must that this individual share similar values – as well as bring that into their own healing style & interpersonal skills. Certain things like cultural appropriation (google it), oppressive or hateful language (or jokes), etc., are not tolerated AND we understand that we are all works in progress – so we’re going to mess up from time to time. What’s important is how we handle that and how we move on. To paraphrase a favorite quote, we can disagree and still get along unless the disagreement is rooted in denying my (or another’s) humanity.

Read on for additional details. We suggest checking out our website: to read more about Michelle and our work.

To apply: email your resume and why you’d like to work for Agua y Sangre Healing to

The logistical details:

  • This is a contract position, with the possibility to move to an employee

  • Shifts available Fridays + Saturdays to start, with flexibility to add other days

  • We will supply linens, lotion, and some topical liniments. If you have trusted herbal liniments or essential oils we do not carry, you are welcome to bring those with you (check in first).   

  • We are located in a shared wellness studio off of S Broadway + Mississippi with one other massage therapist.

  • There will be ~45+ day “training period” in which the ideal candidate will be trained, get a feel for our environment, and make sure it’s a good fit for all parties

The benefits:

  • Relaxed, holistic healing environment + community with “healing justice” values

  • Nurturing, safer + supportive workplace

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Competitive pay – starting at $30/ 60 minute massage + tips; plus financial incentive for clients you refer/bring

  • Ability to bring your own unique style and be yourself

The job requirements:

  • Must be licensed in state of CO   

  • Must have own liability insurance

  • Must be reliable, professional, trustworthy, ethical

  • Must be able to help with light cleaning duties (take out trash, wipe down     bathroom, etc)   

  • Some computer proficiency needed (ie online scheduling + Square Reader)

  • Be able to perform front desk duties (will be trained)

  • Must abide by local and state laws & regulations   

  • Submit to a background check

  • Practice the following modalities: swedish, deep tissue, and neuromuscular/trigger point therapy. **Additional skills/modalities such as reiki, craniosacral therapy, trauma touch therapy, and prenatal massage are preferred, but not required.**   

  • Be willing to attend chair massage events, participate in our community days, etc (paid)

The ideal candidate will:

  • Be sensitive, warm, caring, humble    

  • Be self-motivated and able to work independently, but also as a team member

  • Have good boundaries, able to respectfully say “no,” but also be able to be “real”

  • Can contribute to Agua y Sangre Healing in thoughtful, intentional, creative, and positive ways   

  • Be excited to work for our team, committed to our healing community + growing with us

To apply: email your resume or related work history and why you’d like to work for Agua y Sangre Healing to

BIPOC + QTPOCs highly encouraged to apply.