It's Our Birthday!


Queridxs - It’s our freaking birthday and we’re turning six, bbs! There are many big “firsts” for us that mark the beginning of this work - and the date we celebrate is today, February 28th!


How we’re celebrating

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We literally cannot wait to share with you…

Six feels like a building year, a budding year. A year of pause and poise. A year for cleaning house and (re)creating the nest we need to support this work.

Because this work is evolving.

Because we have all been evolving.

In our stillness, as we lay down the groundwork for what’s to come, we find ourselves again - grateful. Just utterly grateful. I know we say this a lot - but really, truly, it’s because of y’all. This work doesn’t exist without each of you. This healing, and all it’s waves that reach across time and space - is palpable, present, powerful. And that healing is not possible without each of you.

Many people think of massage or herbal work as passive - you show up and someone or something else does the work for you, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, our work is valuable. What we do is important. And, yes, it is a space to be held, where you don’t have to carry it all on your own.

And - you are the ones showing up. You are practicing vulnerability, honesty, humility. You are leaning in to the fullness of growth and change. And together, we are working to support you in your creation of your healing. The healing process is not passive, no, it is very much active and collaborative.

So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for supporting and honoring the importance of the work we do. We see you, seeing us!

Collectively, with every thread of this fabric, we are creating the futures we wish to see - and that we all deserve <3


Michelle + Tameca

what are you feeling grateful for, dear ones?

what are you feeling grateful for, dear ones?

I am thankful for our clients who come to this space for the purpose of recalibrating, healing, feeling here in their bodies and also the world
— Tameca L Coleman

Image by Fatberry Photography

Image by Fatberry Photography